Christmas Tree Nebula


Object:   NGC 2264
Date: 03.02.2007 and 18.02.2007
Time: --:-- UTC
Telescope: Refractor 106/f5
Mount: G11 L4
Guide: Borg 76ED and ST-7XE
Filters: Ha,SII,OIII (Custom scientific 4,5nm)
CCD camera: ST-2000XM /CFW-8A/AO7
Binned: 1x1, 2x2
Exposure: sum of 4 hours
Author: Zdenek Bardon, Czech Repulic, EU

This image of NGC 2264 was published for a small documentary movie in the Czech TV (only in Czech language).There is link on the archive of the Czech TV.
Link on the archive of the Czech TV.

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